Born Yesterday Music: Let Us Go REVIEW

Shorelines are a new pop punk band from Brisbane featuring ex members of Call The Shots and Rum Forrest, Rum.  Their debut single Let Us Go is a little similar stylistically to their former projects (more so Call the Shots than RFR), this band seems to have more chemistry than both the previous bands put together.
A refreshing quality of the band is the vocals duties being split right down the middle. Both White and Thompson get a verse and chorus each and there’s no real talent disparity between the two.

The first verse opens things up with bright ringing chords and quite an intimate vocal performance by co-lead singer Dylan Thompson. The melody is great, emotive and the complimenting guitars really move things along well. Harry White then tags in for my favourite part of the song, the chorus.  White’s fervent crooning of the line ‘Well I can’t give out another second chance all I can do is let us end // before I lose my will to live’ hits home and with Thompson sitting nicely in the background, everything feels placed perfectly.
For every pop punk that is out there at the moment (and there is a lot), Shorelines stand out as great song writers.

The second verse ups the intensity with White singing through gritted teeth over palm muted power chords ‘Fucking fed up of running in circles // I close my eyes and hope for a miracle’. Thompson then takes back over in the chorus to keep things fresh.  The switching of the two reminds me of the Modern Baseball dynamic but with a much better balance and it never feels forced.

Now if I had to pick at something, it would be the way the drums sit in the mix. They sound a little thin and weak, which is the shame because the chorus sounds so big and the drums don’t really add the impact the song needs to take it to the next level.
White and Thompson can also differ a little at times in their phrasing when comparing the choruses which can be somewhat distracting on the first few listens.

All things considered, this is a fantastic debut and while they’ve set the bar high I’m confident the follow up will be just as good.
Younger bands should start taking notes because this is how pop punk should be done.

RATING: 8/10