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official press release

Described by popular music blog, Wolf in a Suit, as “punk rock at its finest”, Brisbane band Shorelines, are well on their way to the forefront of Australia’s pop/punk scene. With their first single since December 2017 having just dropped in the form of ‘Worry About Yourself’, it is just a small taste of what’s to come from their forthcoming sophomore EP ‘Blank Pages & Broken Records’ due for release on October 5 2018.

As the band describe the single, 'Worry About Yourself' “is our rock anthem from our side of negative and unnecessary conflict, explaining that we will keep creating our own path the way we feel is right for us, and that others should just focus on themselves.”  The single sets the EP up perfectly which forms part of an overall story of significant experiences the band have had to face with people in their lives and then, ultimately, themselves.

With their debut EP released in May 2017 – aptly titled “New Heights” – it quite literally took them to new heights having supported fellow US punk-rockers, Real Friends; featured in America’s number one pop/punk magazine, Alternative Press – who proclaimed the band to “soon be rising to the top of this generation’s pop-punk offerings”; and have recently clocked over 1 million Spotify streams, which is a mean feat by any band self-managed and self-released… and with only one EP behind them.

“It's amazing knowing that people love listening to what we do,” says vocalist Harry White of the 1 million streams. “We really believe in the content we create and to reach such a milestone is truly an incredible feeling for all of us”.

For ‘Blank Pages & Broken Records’, the band set up their own recording studio which enabled the four-piece – featuring Harry White (Lead vocals and bass guitar), Dylan Thompson (Rhythm guitar), Sean Fisher (Lead guitar) and Shaman Grayson (Drums) – to come together and collaborate as a band in a way they’ve never done before.  It has given them the ability to spend time to craft this EP over the last twelve months and has enabled them to improve on how they work together and inspire a stronger bond amongst them.  “Our strengths and weaknesses are much more obvious now, so we use all of that to our advantage,” says drummer Shaman Grayson. “We've definitely learned a lot from our first release and continue to do so all the time”.

With the lyric "don't speak I need to get this off my chest" opening the EP in the track ‘Problem’, it sets the tone perfectly empowering the band to voice their feelings to people they once cared about when bitterness and negativity get in the way.  ‘Worry About Yourself’ ensues and talks of deflection upon any negative or unnecessary conflict by just worrying about your own path.  ‘Desperation’ follows a more upbeat feel of letting go of ego and pride and removing those who try to control creativity and fundamentally hold them back. ‘Lies’ progresses the EP to an angrier and more frustrated place. It tells a story of past betrayals, tense emotions, broken friendships and dishonesty.  ‘Caffeine’ is the first song where they introduce a narrative by explaining the feelings of overthinking through both "she" and "he" perspectives. ‘Drag Me Under’ is the big finish. It's a song about accepting the pain of depression, anxiety and the feeling of being closed in by your own thoughts, because you know it will eventually become easier to deal with. “Hopefully this will be one that listeners connect with on a deeper level as well, because it means a lot to us”.

“We feel the EP shows a descriptive, relatable and catchy insight to our minds and experiences between the release of 'New Heights' and now. We hope that people will enjoy the way we have expressed our journey, and will take away a positive message from this release”.

“This talented quartet gets it and shows it off as best as possible through their music and their verses that embrace the daily angst of the modern youth around the globe. They blend the rebellion that comes from Punk and allow the dashes of pop and rock to connect with everyone through lyrics that speak of a love unlike anything else”. – Wolf in a Suit | /